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VIew in the Canary Islands Double-Barrelled Travel

​Cruising the Canaries

The group of islands that make up the Canaries has long been a popular vacation hotspot thanks to the sheer wealth of beaches and the amazingly diverse landscapes. Each of these islands offers their own unique attractions and a cruise means you’re not confined to just one spot. White sand beaches, vibrant port towns and […]

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Cruising in the Med 4 Double-Barrelled Travel

Cruising the Mediterranean on the cheap

After recently going on a cruise in the Galapagos, we’ve began to change our attitudes towards cruising – it’s actually a lot more fun than we previously thought.  This guest blog gives you the low down on cruising the Mediterranean on the cheap. Cruising the Mediterranean on the cheap At one time cruising anywhere was […]

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Brazil World Cup t shirt Double-Barrelled Travel

Brazilian World Cup travel guide

Dave wishes he was going to be in Brazil for the World Cup (but Carmen doesn’t). Although we’re not going to make it, this guest post will give you all the information you need to know about making the journey. While there are many reasons why tourists should travel around the world to different countries […]

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