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Cheap airfares Double-barrelled travel

Tips for finding cheap airfares

Looking for cheap airfares can be frustrating and tedious. The good news is there are some coupons and deals out there – you just need to know how to find them. We’d like to help you do this, so we’ve come up with some golden tips to help you hunt down those cheap ticket prices. […]

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Lake District Double-Barrelled Travel

The many wonders of the UK – outside of London

This week’s guest post comes from budding blogger Laura Bowery, who enjoys writing about the best things in life, taking photos and experiencing as much of the world as possible. In this post she shares her favourite 6 wonders of the UK. As someone who has lived up and down the British Isles, I’ve seen my fair share of […]

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Algarve beach Portugal Double-Barrelled Travel

Tasting the delights of Portuguese food

Nestled on the border of Spain and facing the North Atlantic Ocean, the southern European country of Portugal is a delightful place to explore. Just as interesting as the sights is the Portuguese food you can try on your stay there, capturing the essence of Portuguese cuisine. Here are some of the foods you just have […]

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Five fabulous day trips from Havana

When Dave and I visited Cuba last year we fell in love with the island. This guest post from travel blogger Claudia is brilliant because it shows off just how much there is to do there. Make sure you get there quick before consumerism taints its beauty. Cuba is a gorgeous country that must be visited, […]

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