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Family double-barrelled travel

Saying goodbye – the day everything hurt

There are days when I feel like going home. And there are nights when I want to stay away forever. Saying goodbye is tough If I’ve learned anything on this trip around Australia with my young family, it’s that this mix of heartache and joy is a constant companion. Forget the groceries, the fluctuations of […]

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Ruby Esperance Double-Barrelled Travel

Instagram on Esperance beaches

‘Excuse me. We are trying to take a photo here.’ The bikini-clad model’s face purses into a scowl as she points at my daughter while she tries to Instagram Esperance. Ruby is making mischief at Esperance’s Twilight Beach, stopping the model’s photographer/boyfriend from capturing #beachbliss. ‘You’ll just have to wait,’ I say, and try to […]

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