Physically active jobs that can enable you to travel

While digital nomad work is a popular way to earn money while travelling, not everyone wants to stare at a screen all day or has the skills to do computer-based work. For some people, a more active job is preferable. But just what kinds of physically active jobs can enable you to travel? Below are a few examples. 

Ski instructor

If you have experience skiing/snowboarding and are decent enough to teach others, why not consider becoming a ski instructor? This could allow you to travel to mountain resorts all around the world and experience new cultures. Ski instructor work is seasonal of course – you’ll have to plan your travels in winter (although there is always the option to switch hemispheres). Some countries will also have different requirements when it comes to who can work as a ski instructor. It’s worth looking into ski qualifications that have international recognition so that you can secure work without having to achieve different qualifications in different countries.

Ski instructor leading his student through a snowy forrest.

Credit: Pexels. Gustay Lundborg.

Diving instructor

For those with experience in diving, becoming a diving instructor could be another option. This work could take you to coastlines around the world where you can teach others to dive and organise diving tours. You’ll need to take a PADI instructor development course. This is internationally recognised just like a PADI license. Diving instructing is something you can do all year round, although some liveaboards will close in the cooler months (you may find it harder to secure work in January or February). 

Yoga instructor

It’s possible to work as a yoga instructor from practically anywhere in the world. Yoga classes are particularly popular in beach resort towns where many people set up their own classes on the beach. Obviously, you’ll need to have a lot of yoga experience. An instructor qualification will provide you with some credibility when finding work. This is another job that you can work all year round – although you may find that outdoor classes are less popular in winter in cooler locations.

A yoga teacher instructing a class on a balcony while on holiday.

Credit: Pexels. Amin Sujan.

Personal trainer

Similar to working as a yoga instructor, it may be possible to find work abroad as a personal trainer. This could be an ideal way to travel and make money if you’re a fitness fanatic. By taking a personal trainer test and getting qualifications, you can start looking for work. Most personal trainers are freelance but are based in a gym. Hotel and cruise ship gyms are great places to look into for an opportunity to travel and work. 

Hiking/mountaineering guide

If you’ve done a lot of hiking or mountaineering, another active job that you could consider taking up could be working as a hiking or mountaineering guide. This could include taking groups on treks and mountain climbs around the world. As a guide, you’ll be in charge of organizing the itinerary, handling directions, and motivating everyone in the group. It’s worth getting some experience tackling certain trails and mountains yourself before you start guiding others up. This is the perfect job for outdoorsy types of people.

Hiking guide leading his crew through the mountains.

Credit: Pexels. Eric Sanman.

Have you ever worked active jobs when you’ve travelled? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!



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