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Over the past couple of years, before we even started writing this blog, we began reading other people’s travel blogs.

These blogs are a great source of inspiration and perfect for unbiased reviews on different places all around the world.

And one thing I love about travel blogging is that you often get the human side to a travel story, rather than a traditional fact-based article you might find in a travel magazine.

So what are some travel blogs we love?

Bridges and Balloons on Double-Barrelled Travel

Bridges and Balloons.

I love reading about the travels of Victoria and Steve from Bridges and Balloons. Their stores are heartfelt and often reflect the soul-searching they are doing whilst on their travels.

The writing on the website is done by Victoria and she details their somewhat hippy experiences on the road like learning to become a yoga teacher and attending an Energy 101 course.

Reading this blog makes you feel good.

Grown Up Travel Guide on Double-Barrelled Travel

Grown Up Travel Guide.

As the name of this blog suggests, Grown Up Travel Guide is for readers that have moved beyond the backpacking phase and are looking for a somewhat more comfortable mode of travel.

Grown Up Travel is Andy Higgs’ brainchild and his blog is full of tips and advice on things to see and do on your travel.

Think 5 outdoor activities in Berlin and 5 things you shouldn’t miss in Chicago.

If you’re planning a trip, check to see whether Andy’s been there first because he’s probably got some great info on his blog that could help you.

A Lady in London on Double-Barrelled Travel

A Lady in London.

Julie is a Californian living in London and when we resided in the UK I loved visiting A Lady in London for the ideas on new places to visit in the capital.

But don’t let her blog name mislead you – Julie also writes about other places around the world from South Australia to Switzerland.

Julie offers blogging and social media webinars so if you’re looking at improving your skills, it might be handy to sign up to one.

legal nomads on Double-Barrelled Travel

Legal Nomads.

Like us, Legal Nomads blogger Jodi is obsessed with food.

Jodi used to be a lawyer but quit her high-flying job to travel.

Five years later and she’s still exploring the world, writing about the food she experiences as she goes.

She recently published a book on her foodie experiences where you can find stories you won’t read on her blog.

Time Travel Turtle on Double-Barrelled Travel

Time Travel Turtle.

When I’m looking for a little bit of travel blogging inspiration, I head over to Michael’s blog – Time Travel Turtle.

His travel stories are unique and he often meets interesting characters on the road, like the oldest backpacker.

Michael takes wonderful photographs which I love looking at – just check out his piece on an abandoned amusement park in Japan.

Nomadic Samuel on Double-barrelled Travel

Nomadic Samuel.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s food! Thankfully, so does Samuel from Nomadic Samuel.

Samuel creates some great videos and the ones about food in particular, like street food in Macau, China, have us drooling.

Samuel also takes great photos which can be seen on the Photo Blog section of his site.

Smiling Faces on Double-Barrelled Travel

Smiling Faces Travel Photos.

Tying in with Samuel’s love for photos, he has created another blog called Smiling Faces Travel Photos.

The aim of the blog is to share Samuel’s happy moments from his travels around the world and I think he captures this well with posts like this one of children waving in the back of a truck.

That Backpacker on Double-Barrelled Travel

Audrey Bergner.

Audrey is Samuel’s girlfriend and she has a fabulous travel blog of her own – That Backpacker.

I love the culture section of her site where she explores the cultural aspects of the places she’s visited.

You can get a true insight into places by reading her blog, like whether or not Macau is just about gambling.

Backpacking Travel Blog on Double-Barrelled Travel

Backpacking Travel Blog.

When two travel bloggers come together, like Samuel and Audrey have, it only makes sense for them to create their own site, and this is what they’ve done with Backpacking Travel Blog.

Their couple related posts are cute, like this one titled Korea is for Lovers.

The vlogs they make together, like this one of them at the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market are fun to watch too.

Are there any travel blogs I’ve missed that you think are great? Let us know!