Video: A posh cream tea in London: inside The Beaufort Hotel

I am a sucker for a cream tea. To my palate there is no better meal than an afternoon tea with scones and lashings of clotted cream and jam. Carmen and I recently had the chance to sample the goods at The Beaufort Hotel in Knightsbridge, which offers cream teas delivered straight up to their guest rooms whenever a visitor wants it.

If you stay at The Beaufort Hotel you can have pretty much anything sent to your room either for free or a low fee, including unlimited drinks (name it and they have it, it’s a completely open free bar). It’s our kind of place!

Beaufort Square Gardens is a haven straight out of Mary Poppins - great location

Beaufort Square Gardens is a haven straight out of Mary Poppins – great location

The Beaufort Hotel takes its name from the Georgian terraced square it looks over which is surprisingly quiet and peaceful, especially considering its proximity to one of London’s busiest shopping areas – Brompton Road – where the famed halls of Harrods can be found. We took the tube to Knightsbridge station and walked about 5 minutes to Beaufort Gardens on the bustling pavements. The moment we turned into the square it was as if we had stepped onto the set of Mary Poppins. The whitewashed Georgian houses lining the square have been beautifully restored and give the whole area a truly London flavour.

Inside the Beaufort Hotel is clean, peaceful and smart

Inside The Beaufort Hotel is clean, peaceful and smart

We found The Beaufort Hotel at number 33 and stepped inside the spotless foyer where our hosts brought over a massive tray laded with coffee, tea, scones, clotted cream and jam. Now the big question is – do you put the jam on the scone first or do you spread the cream? I’m a jam first man myself though the other way around would be interesting. Anyway, I tore into my scones with gusto and enjoyed every mouthful. We were told they are baked fresh every day and the toffee-thick clotted cream is from a dairy specially commissioned to deliver the wonderful stuff to The Beaufort Hotel.

Scones, cream, jam, tea and coffee - excellent!

Scones, cream, jam, tea and coffee – excellent!

After we’d settled ourselves for a while we went upstairs to have a look at the rooms. Each one is different because the whole hotel was once a residential building and has been restored and then converted to suit its guests. The hotel itself is very classically English, and will appeal to those wanting a more refined stay when they are in London. The Beaufort hotel defines itself as a boutique establishment and concentrates on catering for a small number of guests very well.

The rooms have large, comfortable beds, big bathrooms and an ante room with a desk for doing a bit of work or emailing. It’s all very spotless and neat – perfect for a stay in style. The Beaufort is a boutique hotel and there are only 30 rooms, each designed differently. Some of the rooms have plush carpet but others have wooden flooring, which I prefer. A standard double room will only set you back £220 a night, which compared to other fancy hotels in the area is very reasonable.

Guests be warned though – there are quite a few flights of narrow stairs to get up. That is just the nature of the building though and the gradient isn’t too steep. There is a small lift as well that can be used to get up and down without too much difficulty. There are food shops close by and transportation – tube and bus – is on Brompton Road. Cabs may also be ordered from the front desk.

Each room is a little different but all are big and well appointed

Each room is a little different but all are big and well appointed

So, would we stay here? As an indulgence, yes definitely. But for what you get the money is certainly well spent. The location is ideal, the service professional and friendly, and the atmosphere is charming. Considering you could pay a comparable price for a hotel with far less charm (and inferior cream tea) it’s an easy choice if you’re in the market for a good value flash pad.

Each room has an area where you can relax... and eat your cream tea!

Each room has an area where you can relax… and eat your cream tea!

 We were provided with a complimentary cream tea at The Beaufort, but as always, our views are our own.

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