5 places to visit in and around Karratha

Western Australia is a must-visit destination for anyone planning to explore this beautiful country. Many visitors head to Perth when in Western Australia, but another place that is well worth a visit when you are in the state is Karratha.

Karratha is a city located just off the North West Coastal Highway. Thanks to its location, Karratha makes the perfect base for exploring some of the most stunning natural attractions in the area. There is plenty of Karratha accommodation to choose from along with many restaurants and facilities within the city.


Karratha scenery

Karratha and its surrounding areas have so much to offer, here are just a few of the must-visit places to see on your visit:

Water Tank Hill Lookout

Visit the Water Tank Hill Lookout to enjoy incredible panoramic views over Karratha. The fantastic views across the city will enable you to get your bearings.

Close to the Water Tank Hill Lookout, you will find the Karratha Visitor Centre where you can pick up lots of useful information about the area.

Yaburara Heritage Trail

Prepare to be blown away as you discover the fascinating cultural heritage of the area as you explore the rugged yet beautiful landscape of the Yaburara Heritage Trail. The trail is a 3.5km walking trail and takes around three hours to complete.

Exploring the outback

Exploring the outback

Hearson Cove

Hearson Cove is just a 25-minute drive from Karratha and home to one of the most spectacular sites on earth, the Staircase to the Moon optical illusion. There are just a few places in the world where you can see this incredible sight, so it is well worth visiting Hearson Cove while staying in the Karratha area.

If you want a relaxed day on the coast, Hearson Cove is ideal. Here you can chill out and enjoy a picnic, fish, and swim in stunning surroundings.

Hearson Cove

Hearson Cove

Murujuga National Park

Just a short drive from Hearson Cove is Murujuga National Park. Murujuga National Park has significant meaning to the area’s traditional custodian groups and home to the most extensive collection of rock art in the world. The rock art depicts 47,000 years of human life, as well as images of extinct wildlife that once roamed the area. Follow the Ngajarli trail (also known as Deep Gorge) to view the rock art and historical artefacts. The trail is 700m long and provides an excellent way to see this culturally significant art collection.

Murujuga National Park

Murujuga National Park


Travel 20km from Karratha to Dampier, which is famous for the breathtaking Dampier Archipelago. The Dampier Archipelago is made up of 42 islets and home to a variety of wildlife and over 650 species of fish! Visitors can take a cruise to the Dampier Archipelago and take part in leisure activities such as fishing, snorkelling, and diving.

While in Dampier don’t miss seeing the famous Red Dog statue. Learn more about this adventurous dog’s travels while exploring the fun Roaming with The Red Dog Trail which is a 10km self-drive and walking trail with puzzles to solve along the way.

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