5 inspirational video campaigns

Need a bit of a pick-me-up? Running out of marketing ideas? Then you’ve come to the right page – we’ve put together a list of 5 inspirational video campaigns that have been hugely successful online.

You might not have the budgets these films did but they’ll still inspire you to create amazing content for your business – they did for us.

5 inspirational video campaigns

WestJet Airlines Christmas Miracle

Last year WestJet (an airline we’d previously never heard of) had the best Christmas campaign that went viral on YouTube. It’s had nearly 36M views at last count!

WestJet Red PLatypus

The airline asked customers before they boarded their flight, via an interactive Santa on a big screen, what they would like for Christmas. During the flight, employees from WestJet ran out to the shops and bought everything the airline passengers wished for and then surprised them on the other end with the gifts.

Very impressive and thoughtful campaign that made a lot of people happy (although maybe not the guy who asked for socks… you’d be kicking yourself!)

Real Beauty Sketches by Dove

Dove Real Beauty Red Platypus

Another feel good campaign is the Real Beauty Sketches by Dove social media video that also went viral. It hasn’t had as many as WestJet but at 4M views it’s still impressive.

Dove asked a group of women to come into a studio and then a forensic artist sketched them without seeing their face, only by the description the women gave them. Then they asked other people to describe them after briefly meeting them and they compared the final two sketches.

The results are eye-opening.

Hashtag killer by Water is Life

The charity Water is Life turned hashtags on their heads by trying to do away with the hashtag #firstworldproblems. In this short video, the charity makes us think differently about how we use #firstworldproblems to post trivial things about our lives on social media, when there’s people out there who have real problems that we’ll probably never have to face.

I love how the video really makes you think about all the stupid things in your life that annoy you and make you realise how lucky you are to have the things in life we normally take for granted – like clean drinking water.

At the end of the video I’m certainly driven to donate.

Water is Life Red Platypus

Be Safe Around Trains campaign by Metro

With more than 81M hits there’s no doubt this campaign by Metro promoting train safety has been successful. In a cute but dark video, a catchy tune describes a list of stupid ways people die. The animation is entertaining and it’s strangely addictive to watch.

It’ll make you think twice before putting that knife in a toaster or drying your hair too close to the bathtub.

Dumb ways to die Red Platypus

Follow the Frog by Rainforest AllianceRainforest Alliance Red Platypus

After recently coming back from the Ecaudorian Amazon, where so much of the rainforest is being destroyed because of the oil industry, watching this video again only makes me love it more.

The three minute clip tells a hilarious story of what you’re not going to do to save the rainforest but what you can do to help in your own small way.

It’s really got me considering more about what I purchase so I think it’s safe to say it worked on me!

Do you have any favourite video campaigns to add? Let us know in the comments!

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