Monthly Archives: July 2012

Charming + quaint = Oxford

Oxford is similar to Cambridge, yet I prefer the former. There seems to be more to do somehow, which was became clear when we couldn’t fit all the things we wanted to see into a day trip and ended up calling hotels in the area at the last minute to extend our stay. This is […]

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Jamie’s Italian

My celebrity crush is Jamie Oliver. Well, him and Daniel Radcliffe. I like Jamie Oliver because I find his enthusiasm and passion for food endearing and his mannerisms charming. He’s had a bit of bad press lately because in a an interview he complained that even though he takes five weeks’ holiday a year, his wife […]

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James Bond at the Barbican

Bond. James Bond. A licence to kill. Shaken, not stirred. The sharp words of the novelist Ian Fleming, spoken by the iconic character he created, have burrowed so deep into our cultural lexicon they have become larger than the books and movies themselves. They are shorthand for cool, charm and deadly efficiency. But Bond is […]

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