A review of 2012… Cheers to a great year!

Well, that went fast. 2012 has come and is nearly gone. This year has been a top speed drag race that has never let up; it’s only from the quiet of a Cornwall pub where we’re writing this that we can reflect on this year.

So let’s have a review of 2012.

We started the year with the main event; the wedding. January and February went by in a slow burn of drudgery, to-do lists and endless anticipation. Then we boarded a plane to Australia and the 9th of March came and went so fast it was hard to believe it happened at all. Carmen looked amazing in her wedding dress and took Dave’s breath away when he saw her (writes Dave). He was a little hot under his Savile Row tailored collar, mostly from the 40 degree heat, but things cooled down when the knot was tied and drinks started to flow. A few days later we knifed down to the deep south of Western Australia and had our honeymoon filled with lip smacking wine, delicious food and beautiful scenery. Not bad!

Me and Dave on our wedding day

Us on our wedding day…nice!

Carmen returned to London with a new job as an Account Executive at Southerly Communications – her first step out of journalism… but she’s really enjoying it. Dave welcomed day shifts at the BBC, as well, with open arms.

In London, we were experiencing some of the coolest events to hit the city in a long time. First up was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, her 60th year on the throne. We had just moved to a new place in Vauxhall, right by the River Thames, and made sure to get a good spot to see the Queen float by in her Jubilee Pageant.


Harry and Kate for the day at the Diamond Jubilee

After that royal knees up came the London 2012 Olympic Games. The summer weather was a bit disappointing, as was the performance of the Australian team, but we still managed to make best of it and cheer on the Brits and Aussies in equal measure (well, ok, maybe the Aussies much more than the Brits!).

The big highlight of the year (after the wedding!) was all the travel. We launched Double-Barrelled Travel in July and since then we have made sure to live up to the name. We had an amazing time travelling through Croatia, from its historic heart at Zagreb and the Plitvice Lakes, to the white sand and blue sea perfection of its Mediterranean coastline. Split, Zadar, Hvar, Dubrovnik – places that we’ll never forget and will always want to return to.

The two of us posing on the city walls

In Dubrovnik, Croatia – ahhhh sun!

After that came Portugal and we had a perfect time exploring this rich land, driving from Lisbon through and up to Porto. There we had a truly eye-opening experience at the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Portugal – the reason for our visit. Hearing other travel bloggers talk about what is possible in the travel blogging realm was the kick in the pants/pat on the back we needed to take our blog seriously and back ourselves to take it on as a calling, not just a hobby.

Sun set on our last night in Lison. Sigh.

Sun set on our last night in Lisbon. Sigh.

We returned to London determined to make a go of it, and started using our professional abilities in media to make video blogs, something we’re really excited about. Dave did some experimenting when he went to Normandy and Belgium for the Remembrance Day services while Carmen has been giving presenting a go. Who knows where 2013 will take us? The only limit is gravity, and even that is negotiable!  Thanks for all your support this year and for taking the time to follow, read, watch or tweet us. Bring on the New Year!

Much love,

Carmen and Dave Allan-Petale

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Carmen and Dave are the pair behind Double-Barrelled Travel. They've been travel buddies since 2008 and were married in 2012. They chose Double-Barrelled Travel as the name for their blog because when they tied the knot they each took one another's name. In Australia, this is called a Double-Barrelled name.

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