10 things to do in St Barts

So as most of you know, Dave and I have been very busy the last few months as we welcomed baby Ruby into the world. We’ve been adjusting to this parenting thing and are slowly getting used to the responsibility of looking after a tiny human.

Ruby 2 months Double-Barrelled Travel

With our baby Ruby on my 30th birthday, which was three weeks after she was born

Sometimes when I get a moment to reflect on our travels over the past few years, I feel as though it was a lifetime ago, rather than nine months.  Don’t get me wrong, we are loving every minute of raising our little Ruby – she brings so much joy to our lives – but that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes miss our ‘old’ lives full of exciting jaunts around the world.

The other day I found myself day dreaming about the Caribbean, in particular the time we spent on the island of Dominica house sitting in mansion digs for two months. Learning to scuba dive in the Caribbean sea, lazing about on the volcanic sand beaches, hiking in the jungle and swimming in waterfalls were some of the many highlights from our time spent on Dominica.

Dominica Double-Barrelled Travel

Picturesque Dominica

It got me thinking about the other Caribbean islands we didn’t have time to explore – in particular St Barts (or St Barthelemy for those who prefer the long name) and for fun I started researching the best things to do there. You know, just to save the knowledge for our future adventures when someday we head back to the tropical isles, this time with Ruby in tow. Nope, we’re not giving up on travel just yet!

I came up with a list of 10 things to do on St Barts… and after reading it I’m sure you’ll want to jump on that plane for a vacation in St Barts just as much as I do.

  1. Sunbathe on one of the best beaches in the world

St Barts is home to some of the best beaches in the world and a particular favourite is Grand Cul De Sac. The beach gets its name from the circular like bay where white sandy shores gleam against the brilliant blue of the ocean. I can certainly see myself floating in the waters at this beach!

Grand Cul De Sac St Barts Things to do Double-Barrelled Travel

Grand Cul De Sac is the bay you can see in the distance

  1. Snorkel at Lorient

If you’re after some turtle spotting, look no further than Lorient beach. Snorkelling at this wildlife hot spot should give you an encounter with a host of tropical coloured fish and even some giant sea turtles.

Sea Turtle St Barts things to do Double-Barrelled Travel

Snorkel with sea turtles

  1. Purchase a Cuban cigar

Okay, so this one’s for Dave. He loves cigars and I’m sure he’ll find a lot of pleasure shopping at La Casa Del Habano where only 100% Cuban cigars are sold. Of course, the one provision is that he let’s me do my own souvenir shopping…

Cuban cigars St Barts things to do Double-Barrelled Travel

Take your pick!

  1. Pick up some natural beauty products

While Dave’s rummaging amongst the cigar boxes, you’ll probably find me at Ligne St Barth. This luxury beauty brand sells products made from derived from the fruits and flowers found throughout the Caribbean. Think papaya and pineapple.

  1. Have a French-inspired picnic

If you’ve shopped till you’re ready to drop, it’s time to fill your belly with some French food on a peaceful picnic at one of the secluded beaches dotted around the island. Fill up your picnic hamper with baguettes, charcuterie and cheeses from one of the speciality food stores such as U-Marche, Maya’s to Go or Kiki-e-Mo.

  1. Put on your dancing shoes

If you’re feeling revitalised after your French feed, head over to Gustavia and dance the night away at the First Club. International DJs often entertain the crowds here, and you can sip on delicious cocktails as you groove the night away.

  1. Partake in some watersports

If you’re not feeling too worse for wear the next day, enjoy some watersports to get your adrenaline pumping. You can try water skiing, hop on a jet ski and zoom around, go kitesurfing or even learn to surf. There are numerous bays, such as Lorient and Anse des Cayes, where you can have some fun on the water.

Kitesurfing St Barts things to do Double-Barrelled Travel


  1. Explore the underwater paradise

Much of the water around St Barts is protected marine reserve, and this means the waters are plentiful with fish. Dive in the depths of the seas and explore the islet near Gustavia harbour, or some of the other spectacular reefs around the island.

  1. Experience fine dining

If you want to reward yourself after all that exercise, head to one of St Barts best restaurants – Bonito St Barth – and feast on tuna tataki or grilled octopus. If you’re a seafood lover, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with this fine dining restaurant.

  1. Watch the sunset in a romantic spot

If you want to find a secluded spot to watch the sun go down, head over to Anse À Colombier, one of the island’s most private beaches. It’s not that easy to get to though – you have to scramble down a mountain path for thirty minutes. Although if you have your own yacht, you can simply drop anchor in the bay. One can dream…

Sunset St Barts things to do Double-Barrelled Travel

Watch the sun set

Have you been to St Barts? What’s your favourite thing to do there?

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