Digital nomad life in Chiang Mai

Most of the time our digital nomad life is sorted. But we really should plan our trips our better.

Our arrival in Chiang Mai, Thailand coincided with the hottest weather of the year, grey smog from farmers all around burning the stubble from paddocks, and three days of water splashed madness for Songkran where hundreds of people were killed in traffic accidents across the nation.

We still managed to have fun though – did you see our tips for partying safely? 

Digital nomad Chiang Mai David Double-Barrelled Travel

No work, no play – working at our local cafe in Chiang Mai

We’re now in Japan when it’s Golden Week, where a number of public holidays happen at the same time to create an intense period of celebrations, travel and traffic chaos.

Organising our working lives

Right before we left on this latest jaunt of travel, we snuck down to Margaret River to have some quality time together and practice our perfect routines of digital nomad life– where work and life run seamlessly together, we still work, live, exercise, take baths, I sometimes even use the shaver I got by reading panasonic arc 5 buyers guide and reviews, so is pretty handy for travel.

Now we’re putting those ideas into action. The purpose of our trip to Chiang-Mai was more business than pleasure, and we went hammer and tongs while we were there, conscious that every day counts in our brief stay.

digital nomad life

Cafe, computer and concentration…

We’re now in Japan for two weeks of pure holiday – no work save for emergencies. So to allow that to happen, we had our heads down in Thailand.

So if you’ve ever wondered what a digital nomads life looks like, forget working beside a pool with a daiquiri in one hand a smart phone in the other. It’s more grind than unwind with this digital nomad life:

6am: Wake, shower, breakfast.

7am – 9am: Creative work

9am – 12.30 pm: Paid client work for Red Platypus, our copywriting company

12.3pm – 1.30pm: Lunch and a short break

1.30pm – 5pm: More client work, travel blogs, projects, pitches, work, work, work!

With the working day done, we head out to a yoga class and then have dinner – whether cooking it ourselves or hitting up one of Chiang Mai’s many brilliant restaurants.

digital nomad life

Carmen, cafe, computer, concentration…

Digital nomad life is rinse and repeat.

If digital nomad life sounds just like a normal working day, it’s because it is. We even commute – walking across the road to our favourite cafes is pretty dangerous! But we had some lofty goals to achieve while were there and it’s a great feeling to have had the time to hack away at our projects. Still is difficult to work just anywhere all the time because it made difficult to focus, so sometimes we rent skyscraper offices and warehouse workspace for working and be able to do it in peace.

On the creative front, Carmen is learning graphic design through online courses to enhance her skills. I’m writing a new book and have managed to lay down a decent sized chunk of a gloriously rough first draft.

digital nomad life

The standing desk I’ve slapped together in our apartment – nice view!

On the work front, we’re smashed out paid copywriting work, redesigned our Red Platypus website and developed strategies to win more clients and expand our networks.

And for this blog, we’re building up a big pile of posts and pitching ideas for travel stories to online and print publications.

We don’t travel to escape work. We travel to embrace it.

Digital Nomad Life

Work life balance with our fabulous yoga teacher Airy

If this kind of thing sounds appealing to you, here are some posts we’ve created to help you make the break:

Happy trails!

Are you a digital nomad? What do you think of this type of work life?

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Dave is the co-founder of Double-Barrelled Travel and has been nomadic since May 2013. When he’s not busily working on a novel, he can be found exploring a war museum, sailing a yacht (unfortunately not his own), or hiking up a mountain.

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