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Delicate Arch at Arches National Park Double Barrelled Travel

Getting lost at Arches Park

There’s a very accurate way of finding lost hikers in the Arches Park: mathematic probability. Getting lost in The Arches Park is a common and potentially deadly occurrence in this stretch of wind carved red earth in eastern Utah. Over a million tourists visit the park each year and as sure as the erosion that forms […]

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Niagara Falls Double-Barrelled Travel

The USA: The important and the unusual

The United States is home to some interesting, highly popular landmarks, not to mention a few unusual ones of course. Naturally, you can visit America, stay at one of the Washington hotels, and start off your tour there and see some of the local attractions. Then you can move on to some of these interesting and […]

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NASA Kennedy Space Center Double-Barrelled Travel

Video: Rocket launch at NASA

One of the most disappointing moments of my life is also one of the most memorable. I was 16 and sitting on a cool beach directly opposite from a Space Shuttle standing upright on a launch pad illuminated with huge spotlights that cut across the night sky like laser beams. Thousands of people were packed […]

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