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War Remnants Museum

How travel changes everything

A friend of mine who works a teacher and mentor for teenagers often tells the following story about one of his students to illustrate the power education has overcoming conflict: With a few exemptions, all Israeli citizens aged over 18 are obligated to serve in the nation’s defence forces. So you can imagine the trouble when […]

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Dreaming about Turkey holidays

I’m standing on a hill covered in low scrubby bushes and chipped rocks, looking out over blue misty water. An ancient fort from the crusades looms over my shoulder, watching the waves that run from Turkey to the Ukraine, across the inland waterway of Asia and Europe. It’s hard to believe the Black Sea is […]

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Passport Double-Barrelled Travel

Passport stories

Passports have no prose, few illustrations and rarely any chronological order. Yet they can tell the greatest stories – tales of beauty and adventure, risks and rewards. In a digital age where almost everything we do is online, in the cloud or automated, a passport is nearly an anachronism – two dozen or more pages of […]

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