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9 things to do in Antarctica

The Antarctic represents one of the last great pristine wildernesses left on earth. It’s a clean and quiet haven for people who are looking to get away from the hectic pace of their everyday lives. But what about things to do in Antarctica? That being said, what can you get up to in the Antarctic? […]

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Grand Cul De Sac St Barts Things to do Double-Barrelled Travel

10 things to do in St Barts

So as most of you know, Dave and I have been very busy the last few months as we welcomed baby Ruby into the world. We’ve been adjusting to this parenting thing and are slowly getting used to the responsibility of looking after a tiny human. Sometimes when I get a moment to reflect on […]

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Lake District Double-Barrelled Travel

The many wonders of the UK – outside of London

This week’s guest post comes from budding blogger Laura Bowery, who enjoys writing about the best things in life, taking photos and experiencing as much of the world as possible. In this post she shares her favourite 6 wonders of the UK. As someone who has lived up and down the British Isles, I’ve seen my fair share of […]

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Things to do in Hanoi

Vietnam is an assault to the senses. The smells, tastes, noises and atmosphere of this vibrant place hits you full force as soon as your aeroplane touches the tarmac and you start exploring things to do in Hanoi. And yet the north and the south of the country, broken up by decades of war, have […]

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