Monthly Archives: December 2015

Sam and his trusty instrument

Sam Maher plays his way around the world

Carmen and I are always moaning about the size and weight of our backpacks. Just like Goldilocks cadging hot porridge from the Three Bears, we continuously search for a combination that’s just right. But I met a bloke the other day who’s backpacking arrangements go far beyond anything I’d haul around. Just imagine lugging this thing […]

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Flytographer Carmen and Dave love Double-Barrelled travel

Strutting our stuff with Flytographer

“Selfie!” “Excuse me, would you mind taking a photo of us?” “You gave me a double chin! Hold the camera higher!” “Your eyes were shut, again!” These are just some of the common requests and complaints that Carmen and I encounter as we travel around and photograph some of the results. When it comes to […]

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