Monthly Archives: August 2015

Ania and Jon in the desert in Azerbaijan

Love Mondays with Hitchhikers Handbook

This interview is part of our Love Mondays series, bringing you stories of digital nomad couples from around the world who love their Mondays! You can read more about the series here. Jon, who is from the UK, and Polish Ania met in Macedonia while travelling eight years ago. Since then they’ve travelled and lived together in […]

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Green school Bali Double-Barrelled Travel

Taking lessons at Bali’s Green School

Teacher – “Good morning class. My name is Mr Buckworth.” Class – “Good morning, Mr Buckworth.” Teacher – “Seeing as it’s such a beautiful morning I think it’s time we went on a field trip…” Class – “Yay!” Teacher – “…to see a pig get slaughtered.” Class – (Stunned silence). While this account is clearly […]

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